Exness login Personal Area

To start trading with Exness, login Personal Area. It’s the trader’s area, which appears after registration on the broker’s website. It is used to make deposits and withdrawals, login to the terminal and manage account settings. 

Account Types Exness

Choosing a type of account is a first big step to start trading. On a picture above you can see all types of accounts and their regulations. Trade experts advises to create a Pro Account in case if you are experienced trader, and Standard is more suitable for newbies.

Log in to the system is performed using:

  • Email addresses
  • Password.

These two combinations are specified at registration. The registration is made through the New Account button on the official website of the broker. The visitor will find it in the upper right corner of the page. By clicking on it, he will open a questionnaire to which he should enter:

  • Country of residence
  • Postal address
  • Password

After that, the trader gets a Personal Area. However, all operations require verification – with the help of a mobile phone and downloading identity documents.

How to manage Personal Area Exness Singapore 

The user can change these settings:

  • Leverage
  • Nickname account
  • Access (can be set read-only to share with a third person without giving him/her the right to trade).
  • Password

All these settings are changed via My Accounts in the Personal Area. Please note that you cannot change the type, currency and email address. If you want to change type, currency or mail, you need to have a completely new account at the new address. However, you can manage all accounts from one phone number.

How to keep your Exness account secure

Exness Broker takes the most thorough security measures to keep clients’ finances and personal data safe. In doing so, clients themselves can take action to improve protection.

For example, there are two types of security:

  • High – via SMS
  • Low – via email

In the first case, you select SMS in the account settings. This option is enabled by default when you register. The broker sends a special confirmation code as an SMS to the specified phone number. With this code, you can withdraw funds, change your account and perform other operations.

In the second case, the confirmation of transactions is sent via email. Remember that there are requests that require your verification, which means that they take more time to complete. That includes, for example:

  • Withdrawal of funds from your account
  • Password change
  • Change of protection type
  • Change of leverage

Security measures for Exness clients

To increase profile security, the Exness broker recommends using long and strong passwords to make them difficult to crack. They should be kept in a safe place and never disclosed to third parties.

If it is still necessary to show your trading activity to third parties (e.g. investors), there is an option to read-only access passwords. With this password, the trader gives access only for viewing.

Also, the broker himself communicates with clients only through 4 contacts:

  1. By email, and the address is obligatory with the domain
  2. Messages within the Metatrader platform
  3. The phone call from the official number listed in the contacts
  4. Live chat on the website
Open A Trading Account Exness

You can also configure two-factor authentication. We also recommend that you remove the secret question option from your email login. It is a popular tool for hackers.