Exness bonus

Exness bonus is a reward for clients for some actions: registration, trading volume, etc. During the action, traders get additional money and benefits. Let’s look at the broker’s bonuses that have happened in recent years. All the rewards are time-limited and to learn about them, you need to follow the news on the website or keep a trader’s account on the platform.

Exness Bonus

Bonus Exness — 10% Net Deposit

Exness issued the Chinese New Year Award in 2015. It was necessary to register a Mini account within a few months 2014 – 2015. The program was considered unrestricted until the brokerage staff decided. The size of the Exness deposit bonus depended on the trading volume and was 10% of Net Deposit.

Net Deposit – the difference between the funds deposited to the account and withdrawn from the accounts. The formula of the accrued bonus looked like this:

“The amount of the Bonus” = (“Funds deposited” – “Funds withdrawn”) / 100) x 10

Let’s say the client made a $2,000 contribution. For that he received 2,000 / 100 x 10 = $200 to his account. If after some time he withdrew 500 dollars, the bonus was recalculated and was already (2 000 — 500) / 100 x 10 = 150 dollars.

In 2016, was introduced +10% Bonus Exness for standard accounts. To receive the bonus, a trader had to maintain the Classic type of account registered from January 1, 2008, to June 30, 2016. The validity period is indefinite until the bonus program stops at the discretion of the broker.

The award amount depended on the trading volume of the account. The bonus was available for new accounts maintained by Exness Limited. The funds received could not be withdrawn from the balance – they were intended solely for trading on the platform.

LotBack Exness Bonus

The second option of bonuses, which was introduced by the company Exness – is an additive for traded lots. The award was presented for Mini accounts registered in 2017. Its validity was also limited to 2017. 

The meaning of the action is this: for each lot traded forex trader received as a gift up to $ 20. The amount of the gift was changed as follows:

  • for BTCUSDm lot, they gave $1.5.
  • lot AUDCAD, AUDCHF and analogues —$2.5
  • AUDJPY, AUDNZD, analogues — $5
  • AUDGBP, EURJPY, analogues — $10
  • for XAGAUD, XAGEUR and two dozen more pairs provided a maximum of $20.

Thus, the bonus volume depended on the trading volume on the Exness platform. This gift money could also be used only for working on the platform. 

A similar version of the bonus was provided for Chinese New Year 2017. Although here the amount was limited to the range of 1.5 – 16 dollars. The lot size in both cases the promo action was to be 1.0.

In 2019 for the Chinese New Year was even more favourable scheme. It was necessary to open a new MT4 Mini account, activate the bonus, deposit and receive up to $88 for each traded forex lot. Here’s the scheme:

  • for BTCUSDm lot — $2.
  • AUDCADm, AUDCHFm, AUDJPYm and analogs — $3
  • AUDDKKm, AUDPLNm, AUDSEKm — $88.
Exness Bonus

In 2021 and next years we should expect more promo. In the description of each share on the website Exness Singapore attaches Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully before you activate the bonus.