Exness Singapore – What does Exness Group do?

Exness Singapore is an international broker, allowing not purchase-sell operations only but also providing professional brokers` assistance in analytics and financial market analysis. The platform deals with popular currency pairs, including Energies, Stocks, Crypto and Forex market. To start trading with Exness Login Personal Area

The brand Exness was founded in 2008. Now the group includes two main companies: Exness (Cy) Ltd and Exness UK Ltd. The broker offers to trade on MT4 and MT5 with 6 types of accounts. Clients have access to 120+ trading instruments.

Here are some statistics that speak for themselves:

  • In March 2020, the trading volume reached $785 billion.
  • The number of active users is 113,596.
  • From January to March 2020, the number of withdrawn funds was $192.7 million.
  • In the same period, partner benefits amounted to $37.4 million.

The statistics are updated on the official Exness website under About – Financial Reports. The company is subject to a monthly audit. Among the independent auditors is Deloitte, a well-known global financial services company.

Licenses from 3 commissions legalize the broker:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Also, the Nymstar Limited brand operator is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles.

What is Exness? What Do We Know About Exness in Singapore?

Exness company main offices are in Singapore and the UK. The trading brand started its work in 2008 in Russia. Within 13 years, more than 110 thousand clients from 15 countries have been registered on the platform. Currently, several transactions on Exness prevails a financial extent of 800 billion dollars. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles have already validated Exness UK ltd. Exness traders are mediators between investors and exchange institutions. Based on data analysis and comparison, multi-asset brokers provide updated information to clients.

Exness Asia is one of the most convenient and straightforward site versions. Safe online banking system. Deposits and withdrawals are without commissions. All financial operations take several simple steps to be finalized.

exness singapore broker

Can Exness be Trusted and How Reliable?

Exness Singapore is a trustworthy trading platform known in the most prominent fintech community worldwide and mainly designed to work in Asia.

It suggests a variety of verified tools, such as MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5, Web terminal platforms. As a result, trading opportunities are empowered with high speed of operations and unrestricted trading operations for each profile. The key feature of Exness Company is that it is never disconnected from servers, even if traders’ computers are detached from an Internet connection. In such a way, 24/7 trading possibility is implemented.

Is Exness legit in Singapore?

Exness company has been one of the most renowned Singapore and Asian leaders in the fintech industry. It cooperates with renowned financial giants all around the world.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles are among key Exness‘s partners. To ease up novices adaptation to industry, the company has designed the platform, provided 24/7 professional support from experts and a built-in variety of deposits and withdrawal methods, which allow clients to use Online payment platforms, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets and bank cards.

Awards Exness – Best Asian Forex Broker

Exness Broker Asia offers trustworthy first-rate services for traders. Intuitive interface, speedy services and ease of usage mark Exness out among competitors. All of these features are the main reason for many awards that service has received. Here are some of them:

  • Best Transparent Foreign Exchange Broker 2019 (World Finance);
  • Global Exchange Broker of the Year 2019 (the European);
  • Best Trading Experience in Forex (Global Forex Awards);
  • Best Global Customer Service Forex (Global Forex Awards);
  • The Most Trusted Broker Forex (Global Forex Awards) and others.
exness awards

Benefits and Drawbacks Exness Company

One of Exness Company‘s crucial advantages is simple setting up. Registration takes a couple of minutesβ€”two versions of the registration for ‘Demo’ accounts and ‘Real’ accounts. The first profile provides full access to the terminal and 10.000$ of virtual invested capital. Allows to decrease the level of risk and blend in financial markets. ‘Real’ trading account set allows to operate with real money and have instant, automated withdrawals, unlike trial profile variant.

Another benefit to mention is intuitive navigation. All significant buttons are in the left corner of the Exness website. Due to them, a user can check recent actions with the ‘history’ button, follow up a personal portfolio with new and pending positions and enter a personal profile. Also, a user can track down the other side of a market situation regarding ‘buys’ and ‘sells’ parameters on the right side of the screen. With an upper tab, it is also easy to track down a currency exchange fluctuation.

Financial markets of Exness allow users to select numerous trading platforms, including palladium, platinum, gold, silver, different kinds of cryptocurrencies and forex broker excess trading.

Instant withdrawing funds function allows to transfer earned money to a personal bank account in a couple of minutes.

Noctidial customer support and manuals to figure out the website’s features is something the majority of websites lack. Exness is not among them. An official website has guides with detailed instructions and replies to frequent requests concerning the platform. As a profile has been set up, each user can also get in touch with customer support agents via chat or call regarding any questions.

exness benefits

Whilst Exness has a pile of benefits to mention. There are also several drawbacks to get fixed. The main one is pop-up ads. Although the majority of websites on the web have built-in commercials, notices are still irritating and distracting, especially when a user tries to focus on specific information. Also, a transaction fee for Raw and Zero accounts is required. However, there is a possibility to select another account type if mentioned conditions are unsuitable.

Market Instruments

Exness Singapore has a vast assortment of features to suggest

  • More than a hundred available currency matches,
  • Several decades of accessible shareholders, such as Apple and Walmart,
  • All the most popular cryptocurrencies to be used. Each user will find relevant terms for personal purposes in different types of profiles available.
  • A possibility to check analyzed information and data research.
  • Noctodial customer support service that replies to any questions.
  • A thorough guide for investors who want to keep fit in their knowledge permanently.

Exness broker provides 120+ instruments for trading on financial markets. Among them:

  • Currency pairs – over 100 options
  • Metals – 8 types of contracts
  • Cryptocurrencies – 7 contracts for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple
  • Oil – Crude Oil and Crude Oil Brent 
  • Shares – 50+ companies from Apple to Walmart
  • Indices – 10 indices of countries of the world
exness market instruments

Accounts and their Types – Standart, Pro, Cent etc.

Exness has 2 main types of accounts: Standard and Professional. A standard account is the simplest and the most accessible type of Account offered for each user. It has standard and standard cent subcategories. The main differences are leverages, the maximum and a minimum number of positions, and the pending order amount.

More experienced traders would rather select a professional account type that includes Pro zero and raw spread profile categories. They offer instant operations with orders, different spread rates and commissions. To figure out other differences between account types, also check an Exness manual.

The broker provides several types of accounts for traders:

  • For beginners – Standard and Standard Cent
  • For professionals – Pro, Zero, Raw Spread.
exness accounts

The Standard account allows you to start your trading practice with a deposit of just 1 dollar! Besides, there is a free demo account that provides 10,000 virtual currency to improve your skills in trading the forex market and other markets. Standard account gives leverage 1:Unlimited and spread from 0.3. An important feature is the absence of commissions in this type of account.

For professionals, the minimum deposit is 200 dollars. Spreads on Zero and Raw Spread are from 0.0 during 95% of the trading day, and Pro – 0.1. Leverage on MT4 is unlimited, and on MT5 – 1:2000. The commissions are as follows:

  • Raw Spread – up to 3.5 dollars per lot.
  • Zero – from 3.5 dollars a lot.
  • Pro – no commissions

More on Accounts and Exness Singapore Login.

How to register an account and correctly select an account type for my trading purposes?

A registration process on the website takes a couple of steps.

  • Fill in basic information, such as country, name and phone number
  • Confirm that personal data is valid
  • Select deposit funds
register exness account

The service offers a demo account to acquaint each client with exness general risk warning and demonstrate investment value. In addition, it allows to familiarize a client with trading conditions, permits clients to control all their invested capital correctly and handle all transactions related to the trading industry. Sometimes Exness also offers a Deposit Exness Bonus which is a nice condition for traders.

Standard Account is a perfect choice for speed traders who make investment decisions within minutes or seconds. As the type of Account provides the highest speed of transactions. Also, it is an excellent choice for novices who are not ready to speed up to their maximum leverage.

Cent account is an excellent selection if a trader wants to control finances up to cents.

Pro account offers the best circumstances for professionals. Instant transactions and financial operations and no fees are required.

Raw Spread account allows to check up-to-date prices for tools and permit to perform financial operations with minimal broker’s influence.

Zero Account is the most beneficial selection for financial savings as commission starts from 3.5 dollars, and transactions don’t require broker’s actions

Commission Fees & Spreads

No commissions are required for financial operations on Standart, Standart Cent and Pro accounts. Raw and Zero accounts take an additional fee which is up to 3.5$. Sometimes selected banks can request a transaction fee for their service. To clarify information about it beforehand, make sure to contact a personal bank chosen.

Exness Broker Leverage

It is possible to trace down the leverage level with the Exness brand. Regularly its` maximum extent equals 1:1000. However, it can be adjusted up to personal clients desires.

Deposit and Withdrawal – One of the strengths of Exness Global

The company has a vast selection of websites for deposit and withdrawal operations. Here are some of them:

  • Bank Card
  • Internet Banking
  • USDT or Tether
  • WebMoney
  • AstroPay Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill
  • Perfect Money
  • Internal Transfer
  • Neteller

All the operations are performed without commissions or additional fees for the service itself. It is worth noting that banks and payment systems require a transaction fee for their service, though.

deposits exness

Deposits and Exness Minimum deposit

Deposits are mostly dependant on the location selected during the profile registration. All the updates are available in the Personal Area right as registration has been confirmed.

Exness does not request commissions. However, payment systems sometimes require an additional fee for their services. Therefore, it is essential to check this information about the method of payment in advance.

Deposit time processing is instant but also influenced by a payment system used, so in case of any deposit delays, it is necessary to contact Exness customer support agents. It is important to remember that the Exness Minimum Deposit is $10.


Instant withdrawal is a key feature of the official website. Access to funds at any minute is highly convenient and pleasant.

However, there are some factors each investor should remember:

  • The free margin shown in the Personal Area is equal to the withdrawing possibility extent
  • All the finances operations should be processed through the initial payment method as for deposits.
  • There is a strict order of payments, which starts with bank cards and cryptocurrencies
  • An official website does not take withdrawal fees, whilst some banks that clients use do. It is significant to check the bank’s transaction fees conditions to estimate receiving in advance.

Trading Platforms that You Can Trade Within Exness

Exness broker has a vast toolkit to use. MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), WebTerminal, and Exness Terminal. Let’s enlist some peculiarities and reasons why mentioned services should be selected.

 MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 is renowned all around the world. Its flexibility and toolkit overcome complexities and make the platform a permanent choice of many traders. In addition, 23 analytical objects and 30 built-in indicators provide profound research possibilities and quick financial updates. Due to the latest technologies, robot creation in MT4 has also become possible. What needs to be mentioned is that all the operations are performed with a 128-bit keys encryption system that guarantees information safety.

exness metatrader 4

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MetaTrader 5 provides its users with many kinds of features. In combination with performance and productivity, they become an excellent option for a trader. MT5, permitting users to work directly from a terminal, economic calendars, forecasts and news events, object tools, and indicators enrich a standard functionality

exness metatrader 5

Web Terminal

Exness clients preferring MT5 and MT4 platforms can try out an updated version of the environment called ‘MetaTrader WebTerminal‘. It allows users to trade from a browser and check 20 trading instruments for a selected account type. Moreover, pending and market orders can be created simultaneously. Orders modifications and closure are done in one click too.

Trade on Exness WebTerminal

Exness Terminal

Exness Terminal is another convenient environment available only for MT5 users. It has the same functions as Web Terminal; however, it can also be used from a browser without installation.

Exness Social Trading

Exness Social Trading is a trading type that allows novices in the industry to check investment advice and algorithms of professional traders and apply them for personal projects. Social Trading is implemented on MT4 accounts with Forex trading, Metals and Cryptocurrencies and other markets. More detailed information about terms of strategy usage is provided here.

exness social trading

Market Analysis & Research Tools

An official website includes several vital tools to mention, such as a calculator, converter and VPS hosting. The calculator comes in handy for margin, pip value and different extents’ calculations. The converter helps when a quick estimation of the currencies exchange rate is required. 

The last tool allows users to use a trading terminal to imitate direct work from a PC. Virtual Private Server encompasses reliable space with a permanent Internet connection and protects a user from potential threats which may occur in the process. As for marketing analysis, calendar and Web TV functions are built-in. An economic calendar keeps all financial records in one place, showing the best interest rates, NFP numbers and other scales. Web TV broadcasts up-to-date investment changes and news.

Helpers for Singapore Traders on Exness

singapore traders on exness

Exness broker offers research from other vendors – Metatrader and Trading Central. There are also TC.TechnicalAnalysis Trading, calendars, converters. The broker doesn’t have his analysts, but in the presence of such suppliers analytics as Trading Central is not required.

Beginners can benefit from the Education sections: academy, insides, analytics and webinars for beginners. For professionals, Exness provides VPS Hosting – a virtual private server, thanks to which clients get additional stability in connection and the opportunity to trade 24 hours a day.

Best forex broker – Exness Asia is a great helper in making money on financial markets!

Education by Exness Company

exness education and academy

Exness is one of the most welcoming platforms for novices on the market. Among excellent features, not only the intuitive interface and simple navigation are worth mentioning, but also an expanded course about trading. Exness Academy has a vast choice of materials for both newbies and experienced traders, eagering for higher achievements in the industry.

Each course consists of several sections with text materials and quizzes. It is possible to check unknown terms in a glossary, to watch video guides or previously recorded webinars. Every user can check industry updates via the ‘Market insight’ tab. The education portal is accessible for registered users and visitors.

Customer Support – a Good Relationship with Each Client

Exness‘s primary purpose is to make trading comfortable and easy for each user. That is why the service provides not only detailed manuals but also 24/7 assistance of different kinds. It is possible to type an email, to contact a live customer support agent via chat or call. Experts will instantly help with various inquiries and make the website experience smoother and simpler. Also, it is possible to check the FAQ section with detailed answers to widespread questions about the website. Web search is implemented through the keywords. For instance, a user can input ‘features’ in the search engine to find all the information about the peculiarities of the platform.

Conclusion about Exness

Exness Group is a reliable brand for investing. A convenient site for both novices and professional users equipped with an expanded toolkit and manuals to learn the basics of the industry. It has a lot of profiles adjusted to individual desires. Cooperating with famous international companies, Exness has enriched platform choice and business market. It became a place where every trader can accomplish ideas and fulfil financial expectations.


❓ What is Exness?

Exness is an international broker that allows novices and professionals to trade efficiently on advantageous terms.

❓ Is Exness Trusted?

Exness is a trustworthy service, providing transparent conditions and multiple platforms to earn. Also, it cooperates with the most renowned resources in the industry.

❓ Are Exness Signals Reliable?

Exness signals are reliable, based on Exness financial experts` analysis and complemented by trading analytics and instant market updates follow-up.

❓ Are Exness Commission Low?

Exness doesn’t take commissions for financial operations on Standard, Standard Cent and Pro accounts. Additional service fees are stipulated for Raw and Zero accounts only (up to 3.5$). Also, depending on a selected bank, a transaction fee can be requested. To know if payment is required, a client can contact their bank beforehand, as such fee is transferred to this institution specifically.

❓ How Exness Trading Works?

Exness is a multi-asset broker that works with CDF products only.

❓ Exness How to Trade?

To start off, the profile should be created or signed in to. If there is no account yet, select a country, email, password on the front page of Exness, confirm personal data, choose a trading system.

❓ What is the Minimum Deposit for Exness?

A minimal deposit on the website mostly depends on the account type. Standard accounts have different minimum rates, which are related to a payment system used only. For example, a professional Account’s limit starts from 200 dollars.

❓ Where is Exness Broker Located?

Exness Group company has two headquarters- Exness CY and Exness UK Ltd, located in Cyprus and Great Britain. Exness is accessible worldwide.

❓ Is Exness regulated?

Yes, all branches of Exness general risk are regulated by the most renowned international financial organizations, such as Seychelles Financial Services Authority, Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission, UK Financial Conduct Authority, South Africa Financial Sector Conduct Authority, Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten and Financial Services Commission.

❓ How Exness Trading Works?

Exness uses connections that start with 0.1 pips for its work.

❓ Exness How to Trade?

To start a trading journey, each user should log in or register the Account, validate the information, and click on deposit funds.

❓ Exness How to Deposit?

  • Log in or register the Account
  • Select a Deposit tab
  • Select a payment system
  • Choose the profile
  •  Enter the amount of your deposit and click Next.

❓ What is the Minimum Deposit for Exness?

The minimum deposit depends on the Account. For example, in Cent account, it equals 1 dollar. In Standard and Pro accounts 10 dollars and 200 dollars consecutively.

❓ Where is Exness Broker Located?

Exness broker headquarters are located in the UK and Cyprus.

❓ What is Exness Social Trading?

Social trading is a trading type that allows users to make investments based on professional traders examples.